Life in 2035 Utopian,Dystopian, Real Life

Imagine life in 2035.Image

2035 video will it be like this??

Imagine life in 2035.

In a utopian society I can picture life in 2035 being limitless. Imagine waking up and having the ability to be transported to any place in the world within a blink of an eye.

Imagine having every desired fulfilled for you as soon as it pops up in your head. Imagine being able to do anything you wanted no matter the circumstances.

A 2035 utopian society will allow you to have a computerized house that will do everything for you. When you’re hungry, the house will pick up a signal from your inner body and create the food for you within a matter of seconds.

If you are in pain, the house will sense that and create a stimulating atmosphere to either relax you or ease the pain.

The house will act as one’s escape and offer everyone the opportunity to erase any problems they may face when out of the house.

Basically in a utopian society in 2035, everything will be done for you and computerized making life very easy and simple.

Although this utopian Life in 2035 may seem ideal, it can result in a dystopian society as well.

Maybe life wouldn’t be so great due to having a computerized world.

Maybe a utopian society would result in disasters.

Ever watch iRobot or see a movie that showed how advancements in technology eventually back fired on a society?

Well, that is possible. Imagine waking up in your computerized house that experienced a malfunction, and no longer worked for you, but made you the house’s slave.

Imagine walking down the street and being zapped or forced to be a computer slave.

Life would be miserable and the power these robots would have over us will be limitless. Although computers are created by humans they are way more advanced than us.

We use computers and other forms of technology daily and if these forms were to retaliate and go against us a lot of people would die, or simply not exist, because a lot of people depend on technology for survival.

For example, people suffering from different disabilities or diseases use technology for different treatments, and if technology were to go against us in a dystopian society those people wouldn’t be able to go on.

Although both of these societies could possibly exist, I think my life in 2035 will be advanced, but not as extreme as described in the utopian society. I think life would be easier due to different advancements in technology that will benefit the medical field. For example, scientist are now trying to create new advancements that will be able to read the human body to tell one exactly what is wrong with them in a matter of moments “Credit card chips embedded into the human body. Another advancements would be within cars and how they are working to not only make them Eco-friendly by reducing the need for gas .They are also making cars have the ability to not only park them self,but allowing their engines to start with the pressing down of a button.

These advancements might have a huge impact on our lives, but I do not think forms of communication will change .However, maybe there will be advancements within how we communicate that will allow us to exchange different products or materials through video chat, etc.

And as a result of those advancements the field of mass communication will be affected, because it will offer businesses and other organizations another way to reach the people. For example, online shopping will no longer require shipping, but will be transported to the shopper immediately after purchase. Another example is how we interact with each other. As we begin to have the ability to exchange products and other materials through video chats and other things of that nature; the amount of face –to- face interaction will decrease, because it will no longer be needed. Everyone would be able to exchange different things within a matter of moments.

This is life in 2035. The utopian version, dystopian, and what I really think will happen.


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